Efficient transfer of high torques

- Standard internal recess sizes: T3 - T40, 3IP - 40IP
- Suitable for fasteners with major thread diameter 1.0 bis 10.0 mm
- efficient transfer of high torques
- straight side walls eliminates camout effect
- significantly reduced bit usage and assembly line downtime from bit changes
- available as internal recess and external drive system
- available as Tamper Resistant drive system for restricted access



The TORX® profile corresponds to the ISO 10664 "Hexalobular internal driving feature for bolts and screws". It allows the transfer of high torques. Thanks to the vertical sidewalls, no increased application pressure is necessary during fastening and no camout occurs (see also axial load). This makes it possible to use cordless screwdrivers with high torques for rapid fastening without damaging the internal profile. Another advantage of the TORX® profile is that it does not apply rotatory forces at the corners, but rather centrally and flatly on the flanks of the individual lobes. This makes the system significantly less susceptible to wear. The TORX® system is particularly suitable for assembly robots in automated production. The pneumatically or electrically driven screwdrivers should feature an adjustable torque so that stripping and thus damaging of the thread is avoided. Both internal TORX® and external TORX® drives are available. The designation T stands for the internal TORX® profile and the designation E (external) stands for the external TORX® profile. The size designations of the TORX® tools were defined arbitrarily.



The TORX PLUS® is the optimisation of the proven TORX® drive system. Both internal TORX PLUS® and external TORX PLUS® drives are available. IP (Internal Plus) describes the internal TORX PLUS® profile and EP (External Plus) stands for the external TORX PLUS® profile. The size designations of the TORX PLUS® tools were defined arbitrarily. The TORX PLUS® drive system is also available with the AUTOSERT® function. The AUTOSERT® cosists of compound angle drive ramps. These allow that a bit rotating at high speed can engage in the recess. In the EJOT company standards, the TORX PLUS®/AUTOSERT® is the standard drive for EJOT DELTA PT® and ALtracs® Plus screws.

TORX®, TORX PLUS® and AUTOSERT® are registered trademarks of Acument Intellectual Properties LLC.